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Steem Silver Gold

Steem Silver Gold is a Steemit-based community for physical silver and gold enthusiasts, stackers, coin collectors, precious metal detection fans and general silver and gold investors. Community members curate one another's posts on the topic, share market tips and information, innovate relevant projects, trade coins, and chat about their collections.

Since inception, community members have designed and minted a unique STEEM/Steemit silver coin, pictured to the left. Numerous other initiatives including contests and challenges have been launched. Steem Silver Gold is a growing group of like-minded individuals and actively welcomes new precious metals enthusiasts.

The list of community members is managed by the @silvergoldbotty bot which also curates and supports member content. The community tag is #steemsilvergold.

Contact info

Visit @silvergoldbotty on Steemit.

You can catch members on Discord at

More information on the group can be found in @silverstackeruk's updates and @guiltyparties' daily community highlighter. @silvergoldbotty is created and maintained by @phelimint. The community was originally founded by @hgmsilvergold (who has since retired).