First Login

Important notes

If your account hasn't been approved yet, refer to the Sign-up FAQ.

During your first login, you will be asked to generate a new password. This password (or Owner Key) is the main key to your account which will be holding your funds and rewards. It's the key to your wallet, do not lose it! Because of the strict security measures of Steem, if you lose your password there is no way to recover it and you will be locked out of your account with no access to your funds, permanently!

Back up your password immediately in an offline storage. Copy it into a plain text file, encrypted preferably, and save it on a USB key. Multiple USB keys are even better. Avoid using a word processor as they may change the character encoding in some rare cases and cause copy/paste problems when trying to log into your account. Do not send your password in emails, because those can often be compromised. The password starts with P5 and is case-sensitive. If you write it down on a piece of paper, double check all the characters have the correct case.

Your account has different keys with different permissions. Please refer to the FAQ's section to learn about the different keys It is highly recommend you always login with the Posting Key because of its limited permissions to your account, in case you're compromised.

To retrieve your key set (Active, Posting, Memo):
- Log in with your Owner Key (Password)
- Go to your Wallet, click "Permissions", then click on "Show Private Key" or "Login to Show". Notice that by default, the PUBLIC keys are shown. You need to backup the PRIVATE keys, which all start with 5 (except the Owner Key which starts with P5). All keys are case-sensitive

Never share your private keys with anyone, especially the Owner Key or Active Key. Public keys are safe to share, if needed.